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Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

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Services Pros has built its reputation by offering top-rated water damage, fire and smoke damage restoration, and mold remediation services. Despite this strong focus, it’s not all we do.

The team here at Service Pros is trained to use the most advanced restoration and cleanup equipment in the field. These tools and techniques we use each day are specifically designed for cleaning fine fabrics, such as your drapes and blinds.

Depending on the mess, we may use wet or dry cleaning methods as required. Before we get started, you can expect a full assessment.

Why Schedule Drapes and Blinds Cleaning with Service Pros

It’s a good idea to schedule drapes and blinds cleaning once every other year. Most homeowners only clean their drapes when they look dirty, but your drapes may need cleaning even without looking grimy.

The longer that dirt and grime are allowed to fester, the worse your indoor air quality. You’ll be more susceptible to mold growth, airborne contaminants and foul odors.

Professional Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

You would think that DIY cleaning for drapes and blinds makes sense. But unfortunately not many homeowners know how to properly clean such fabrics without causing damage. Here at Service Pros, we use only safe methods to clean draperies. Many of these materials cannot be laundered.

If you’re unsure of how to properly clean drapes or blinds, trust in your local Service Pros. Our technicians have the right tools and techniques specifically designed to clean fine fabrics.

For professional drapes and blinds cleaning, call your local Service Pros for 24-hour service and guaranteed results — no matter the job!

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