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Emergency Water Removal
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When you’re face-to-face with a water damage emergency, every second counts. You are literally on the clock, as water damage will worsen within 24 to 48 hours. By that time, mold and mildew will have begun to grow and spread throughout your property. Something has to give. You need 24/7 emergency water removal from your local Service Pros.

Using the most advanced restoration equipment available in the field, our IICRC -certified restoration technicians are adept at cleaning water damage fast. For water removal, we use wet vacuums, pumps and industrial-grade fans to aid us in the process.

Emergency Water Removal Process

To properly deal with water damage, we have a thorough restoration and cleanup process in place. The emergency water removal process involves:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Cleanup and Sanitization
  • Restoration

This five-step process ensures we can give you back your home — free of water damage – in less time overall. Upon arrival, our certified restoration technicians will immediately get started. We’ll assess the damage to better understand your problem. Then, using advanced restoration equipment, we start removing excess water and drying the affected area fast.

We are available 24/7 for Emergency Water Removal Services in Hollywood, Florida. Busted pipe, leaking roof, leaking windows, standing water. Residential & Commercial. Licensed & Insured. Free evaluation. Insurance Billing.

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