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Pack Out and Storage

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Many homeowners suffer from property damage and natural disasters each year. There are countless floods and fires across the country. Unfortunately, too few of these property owners have anywhere else to go. Their goods are left in the damaged house. Service Pros provides pack out and storage services during the restoration process. We can remove your prized possessions from the area, then return them to you safely when your home is restored.

Contents Pack Out and Restoration

Our restoration experts are committed and meticulous when it comes to contents pack out and restoration. We inventory each item removed from your property, including the state and location of the item. Once everything is packed away, we move the items to our facility for safekeeping and restoration.

We Pack Quickly and Professionally

The team at Service Pros is highly trained to handle any type of goods from residential and commercial properties. In fact, we treat your possessions as if they were our own. We pack everything quickly, without any harm to your items, for the best results.

Our Pack Out Services

Like our restoration services, our pack out services are available for any type of situation. From house fires to flash floods, our team will work quickly to salvage your possessions and return them once the job is done.

Safe and Secure Storage

Following a house fire or flood, our pack out services allow us to safely restore your possessions to like-new condition in the safety of our facility. We use an offsite facility to reduce the risk of further damage or contamination.

Happy Returns

Once we have completed the repairs and restorations to your home, we can return your goods (also restored) to you personally. Each item is kept safe at our offsite facility until a successful return is made.

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